Build School in Outer Island of Indonesia! School in Simuelue Island of Aceh, Indonesia Need Your Support! Build a School, Save a Generation!

Together we build the school in this remote Island of Indonesian Archipelago!

Together we build the school in this remote Island of Indonesian Archipelago!


Simuelue Island located in the west side of Sumatera Island. SMAN 5 Simeulue Barat (West Simeulue Public Senior High School 5) was built since 2015 in Amabaan Village. Wooden wall and floor of cement, this school was funded by the community even though the community there are also in need of help financially. They managed to build two modest classrooms, holes in the roof make the water leaking inside the class.


This condition did not hinder the learning process in this school. A total of 41 students of tenth and eleventh grade continue their study despite of this condition. Based on the assessment of ACT Team in the field there, the school needs :
  • ​Principal and Teacher Room
  • Classroom (size of 7 x 8 sqm)
  • Toilet
  • Meubelair (Student's chair and table, Teacher's chair and table, blackboard)
  • Laptop and projector
The funds will be used to accommodate those school needs above. ​Please support us to give better educational facilities to the students in outer Island of Indonesia!

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